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License terms | TablePlanner® – for perfect room, table and seating planning

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License terms

Please note the following license conditions that apply with the purchase of our software.


In purchasing the program package (hereinafter, the Software), the licensee also have purchased the right from TW drei Software & Vertriebs GmbH (the Licenser) to use the Software under the conditions described. Any other use is not permitted.

Licensing Terms

§ 1 Subject matter
The subject matter of these license regulations is the computer program TablePlanner®, user documentation available as online documentation as well as other relevant material in electronic form, all of which are to be classified as the Software. The Software is subject to copyright protection.

§ 2 Assurances
The licenser does not provide any assurances regarding the functional competence, the error-free nature of the program or the use of TablePlanner® for a specific purpose.

§ 3 Evaluation
A test version for up to 30 guests per event is available for an limited period of time, without any obligation and in restricted form for you to assess whether the program supports you work. This test version can be passed on the third parties without obligation and without costs.

§ 4 Use
The license authorizes you to install and use the software on a single computer. Installing or using the Software on more than one computer at the same time requires further licenses. Use is restricted to the licensee.

§ 5 Package
TablePlanner® comes in a several versions. The product is generally available online for downloading. In acquiring the license, the customer does not receive a data carrier or a printed manual.

§ 6 License Registration
A license key is generated for the licensee and only functions for the licensee. The licensee is not permitted to pass on the license key to other users. When working with TablePlanner®, the program displays the name of the licensee. It uses the name of the licensee for print outs, lists and other materials produced.

§ 7 Assigment to third parties
The rights to use the software can only be transferred to third parties with the previous, written permission of the licenser and only under the conditions of this contract. It is expressly forbidden to lease or lend the software.

§ 8 Decompiling and changes to the program
  1. Decompiling and other types of reverse engineering of the production of the software including changing the programming are not permitted.
  2. The removal of the copy protection or similar protection routines is not permitted.
  3. Copyright notes, license numbers and other symbols of identifying the program are not to be removed or amended.

§ 9 Liability
  1. The licenser is only liable to an amount of money not exceeding the purchase price of the Software for loss or subsequent losses arising through the use of the Software.
  2. The licenser is not liable for any loss of data resulting from operating the Software.
  3. Liability defined under product liability laws applies.
  4. Liability caused by intent or gross negligence also applies to Points 1-3 above.

§ 10 Written form
Amendments or supplements to the terms of this agreement, in particular in respect of agreements exceeding normal contractual processes as well as assurances and agreements made by employees of the supplier cannot be declared. These only become binding given the written confirmation of the licenser.

§ 11 Severability clause
Should clauses to this agreement be or become invalid, or if there are omissions, a clause is to be found which best meets the legal intention of the invalid clause.

§ 12 Jurisdiction
The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are to apply. Any legal case arising from this contract shall be heard in Hamburg, Germany.