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Day of Legends

The association NestWerk founded in 1999 by Reinhold Beckmann organizes since 2005 the "Day of Legends", a charity soccer match for which ex soccer pros put on their boots once again. For a few years now, our event at Millerntorstadion sells out every year. The proceedings of our charity day go entirely to the projects of NestWerk.
Day of Legends
Also the "prolongation" during the night with our gala at the theatre Schmidts Tivoli at Hamburg's Reeperbahn enjoys great popularity. With the soccer legends and other top-class guests we celebrate the third half: our "Night of Legends". This charity gala at the Schmidts Tivoli hosts 600 guests and ties in with the legendary moments of the day. The special mixture of artists like Udo Jürgens, Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Udo Lindenberg, Xavier Naidoo, Barbara Schöneberger, Rick Kavanian, Peter Kraus, Peter Maffay, Olli Dittrich, Kaya Yanar, Ina Müller, Bastian Pastewka and many more guaranteed an extraordinary entertaining evening throughout the last years.

Our gala is organized at the theatre Schmidts Tivoli that is located at Hamburg's Reeperbahn. The seating plan of this theatre is just as unusual as our event, presenting almost everything from two seat rows up to 10 person tables mixed with the usual rows of seats of normal theatres.

That's where the special functions of the TablePlanner come in useful: The "Location designer" enables us to create a representation of the specific location that is just as realistic as possible. And with the "Table designer" we can create everything - from the biggest table up to rows of seats.

Every guest wants to have a nice seat and we try to realize that. There are, however, many changes at short notice that require planning modifications.

No problem: Thanks to the "drag and drop" function of the TablePlanner, guests can be comfortably reseated on the plan.

In the past, we used to increase the plan of the location when finally printing it and then we decorated it with post-its until every seat had a name on it. That used to be quite chaotic and we were always afraid of strong wind when we transported the plan to the Tivoli as this resulted in the loss of one or another guest from the seating plan. All 600 tickets were filled in manually and transferred neatly to a list. That was a good deal of work and, being only humans, the risk was quite elevated that errors crept in when transferring the data to the list.
Day of Legends
Day of Legends
Since a wedding planner recommended this software to us in 2009, we have been using the TablePlanner. Since then, the working day of our seating planner does no longer continue until 6 o'clock in the morning, but ends at a human time.

At the moment of reservation we can immediately place the guest. The name is printed out to the ticket directly from the TablePlanner and the list of guests can be created with a mere click and sorted as you wish.

The TablePlanner is for us worth his weight in gold. It saves us a lot of time - especially just before the day of the event, the ease of work is immense. And what is much more important: Since we are using the TablePlanner, we didn't have to deal any more with the kind of errors that used to slip in, when doing all the planning manually. What remains is the usual thrill of an event, but it is no longer accompanied by the fear that in the end there might be a guest without a seat. Thank you!