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Our affiliate program | TablePlanner® – for perfect room, table and seating planning

Software solution for perfect room, table and seating planning

Our affiliate program

The TablePlanner® has been successfully sold on the market since 2004. Here you can find out how you, as a sales partner, can benefit from the software's success.
The product is used by the following types of buyers:
  • Private users, especially for the organization of a wedding
  • Professional event planners to support your service
  • Hotels / event locations for the individual design of the rooms
  • Organizers of balls
  • Company for seminars, conferences, training courses
  • Company for the organization of room booking for meetings
  • Registration as a partner
The potential is huge. Take part in the success and become a sales partner. Click here to register as a TablePlanner® sales partner.

Forms of partnership

We offer you three forms of partnership for mutual benefit:
  1. Link exchange
  2. Our affiliate program
  3. Special versions of the TablePlanner® as an advertising medium

1. Link exchange

Enhance the attractiveness of your website by supplying a link to our portal. In return, we'll place a link to your homepage on our site.

2. Affiliate Program, the potential of a sales partnership

Place an ad for TablePlanner® on your website and earn commission with each license you generate. Affiliates can earn 30% on net sales achieved.

Register as an affiliate free of charge with our shop provider Share-IT ( Share-IT guarantees that commission is credited efficiently and fully-automatically.

We can supply you with written information, banners and HTML resources all free of charge from the Press Material section of our homepage.

You can use these as they stand, or use them as a basis for your own ideas or as technical guidance.

In our marketing examples we simply need to enter your partner code, a code you receive following your registration. This enables us to allocate sales to you and to pay your commission.

Of course, placing comprehensive product information in a creative manner on a prominent position is more likely to secure sales success for you than if a small banner is hidden away somewhere in the corner of your site. We warmly welcome all our partners who are willing to place a banner with 'loving care' and gladly share in their success.

If you have any technical questions, feel free to get in touch. You don't need to worry about the sales administration. All TablePlanner® support is in our hands.

3. Version of the TablePlanner® as an advertising medium, or special customer service

As an advertising medium, the TablePlanner® is of particular interest for:
  • Website operators of products and services relating to event management
  • Providers of event locations
  • Hotels
  • Banks, insurance companies, service agencies

TablePlanner can also be customized to include the following:
  • TablePlanner® can display your banner
  • The banner link routes the customer directly to your portal
  • TablePlanner® colors can be adapted to comply with your CI
  • Pre-prepared room arrangements can facilitate easy planning
  • The "Tip-of-the-day box" can display your products and services

This form of collaboration can be combined with a sales partnership. Contact us for details of our conditions and the technical options.